Fu Manchu 11-04 Stuttgart

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Fu Manchu 11-04 Stuttgart

Postby RockMessiah » Tue Nov 06, 2007 4:23 pm

Small club, great and loud show!

The first third of the set list (which I don't remember exactly) had some of the Fu songs I think are ok but not exactly burners (Hell On Wheels, Over the Edge, Evil Eye and the likes).
It started to get better when they pulled out Hung Out to Dry, probably the best song from the new record. It rocked pretty good live, that's for sure.

After this they changed guitars and I heard some dropped-C droning from the speakers. I knew it was time for "Action Is Go"-material.
What followed was probably the best couple of Fu songs in a row I could imagine:
Grendel, Snowman (one of my favorite songs, it was just mighty groovy live, amazing! Esp. cause I didn't expect this one, as I haven't heard it on any live bootleg)
Anodizer (another favorite, great riffs and drum solo that builds up to an intense showdown)
Boogie Van (best song from "King of the Road")
Laserblast (live a lot better than on the album)

After a few more they closed with "Saturn III" which is a very Sabbath-ish song, but also contained multiple minutes of feeback waves just drowning all over the place, quite impressive.
As encore they played Godzilla, in a slightly extended version too, and eventhough I thought this was a boring song on the album, it was a lot of fun live.

So all in all, I can recommend seeing them, eventhough I think they had their best song output during the last century, but live they seem to deliver a nice collection of songs from the whole discography. In fact, there were only 2 songs from the latest record on the set list.
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