Prague, Lucerna - 1/21/17

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Prague, Lucerna - 1/21/17

Postby Moffe » Sun Jan 22, 2017 7:15 pm

Helmet‘ s back in cold Europe. Opener was held in Prague on a Saturday night in Lucerna Ballroom. We arrived quite early in Prague, so we spent some time in pubs. One of my buddy got lost during the warm-up pissup in a bar, where we got steak, beer flatrate and tits for about 40 bucks. Anyway Lucerna is a damn fine place for a gig – the stage surrounded by 3 sites in 2 floors, columns in the hall, bars everywhere. The fans on the upper floor were hanging out of the balconies and nearly fell down on the stage. Strange schedule for a Saturday night: support act started 6:45, Helmet 8 till 9:30. Obviously the venue was booked twice this night. Some disco with Jiri started at 10.
I nearly missed the opening act. Some guitar playing poster boy looking like Bryan Adams screamed like hell and a bearded drummer next to him. This 2man orchestra was kinda loud, sound was like you were in space, computer playback or something. The drums were in front, never seen this before. I always looked for some bass or something, but there wasn’t any. Handsome Bryan obviously brought some groupies along, I reckon this lucky bastard scored that night. Before Helmet started I grapped 3 beers and had another lookaround. The roadies took their time to change everything. A scotsman and a United fan were among them. Since I’m with LFC I tried to tease him with Manu, Manu but the bastard didn’t care. Chief Roadie tested the guitars, distributed towels and Pilsen Urquell to the Helmet squad. Some chicks were among the crowd, mainly in their 30ies. Some of them drank beer as hell. When I came back from the loo I bumped into a kinda overweight bitch, lets say 20 kg too much, all black. The vixen was obviously looking for company. I went that I’m fine, wanna stick with my buddies and to some beers and she scrammed. Page and the others entered stage, Page was kinda wired, had a headset or something on. He looked slim but fit. The young chaps of the band wore basecaps. Boths second green guitar and bassplayer already got mighty arms, they obviously exercise hard. Helmet got cracking with their monster song Unsung to warm-up the crowd. After some songs I reckognized that they didn’t play the new stuff from DTTW. I heard it several times before, it’s kinda fair, Expect the world is great. Green shirt is shit, but this a cover song. Later on Helmet played some of the new songs like Guru. After three songs everybody was shocked since Page was jogging from the stage, probably spent a penny. Must have been a small one since he returned after 20seconds. He changed guitars every three songs but finally stuck to a fine red one for the rest of the gig. As last time he had two mikes in front of him, the one with tables or something he just used for Sam Hell. After exactly 47minutes the gig seemed to end, Helmet said farewell, shaking hands and everything. But the crowd shouted and they came back for some more. Betty songs were played and the crowd improved, jumped, danced more and more. Impact of beer and enduring hard riffs. Some guys slam-danced or pogoed around like at a punk concert, the chicks in the first row escaped. One dude tremendously danced, pushed the other folks and then stagedived but nobody was there anymore to catch him so he fell on the ground. Page stopped playing and ask whether everything is OK, but obviously everything was fine. Suddenly I discovered the black vixen again next to the stage. She obviously had some more pints and nonsensically threw a full beer beaker towards the stage. Both Dan und Dayle and their guitars got hit, but they didn’t care, wiped their guitars and carried on. Whats wrong with this bitch? Anyway, Helmet kicked the crowd out with Meantime, Lucerna nearly exploded. The band their guitar slides into the pack, started shaking hands etc. The vixen was in row one again and tried to hug and kiss Page hanging on him like an ape on a tree. Some roadie said there is more time and Helmet started playing again, some old stuff like Blacktop. In the end Page emptied his Corona bottle and took his time for chitchatting, making pictures, signing records, cleavages and stuff. Quite some traffic was there, while Page tailor-seated on the stage. All of the sudden I checked, that the oversized vixen crawl like a cat (or better a panther, since she was dressed all black’) towards Page coming from the side. Abruptly she embraced Page from behind and I was scared, whether she wanted to rape him or something. The roadies came and shouted Back off Bitch. But this didn’t help. The Scotsman among the roadies got an foam extinguisher and triggered it and dirtied the bitch up. She started screaming, but the roadies cuffed her and gave her the bum’s rush. What a great overtime! Page couldn’t care less, since he turned to Buddhism he is even more relaxed. I finally made it to Page, we changed some words, got my joint picture,I went that it was a great tour opener and Page agreed. I was great night again in Prague, thanx Helmet. Need more, probably will be in Dresden Tuesday nite too.
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