Bratislava, Randal Club - 8/6/18

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Bratislava, Randal Club - 8/6/18

Postby Moffe » Tue Aug 07, 2018 2:02 pm

The guys made it back to Europe. The tour is nearly over, 2 more gigs to go, Helmet stopped by in the capital of slovenia or something. I read somewhere the former name was Pressburgh, obviously the city used to be Dutch. The famous presswurst was created here, that's why the name. Somebody told me that's used to be a stinking sausage made of horses, probably stallions. Strange since sausage means klosaba here. Anyway, at the main station I bumped into a guy with a CSSR shirt and red star on it. The dude went that Bratislava 100 years ago belonged to the so called Czech Soviet Socialist Republic. I was kinda flashed, these guys here obvioisly had a colourful history. All of the sudden I detected communist roots in the streets: rotten houses, some of them without windows or affluent, bumpy roads or better pathes with no sidewalk. Loads of vinos and drunkards we're lying in the parks, wild dogs running and barking around. Some tents and dirty mobilehomes too there, some tribes of gypsies we're strolling around. I immediately checked my pockets since the gypsies are good in pickpocketting. I missed 10 Krones or Euros, while I was getting angry I suddenly remembered that I bought and drank 6 beers. Some of the gypsies had horses, First they steal them, later on they butcher them or eat these poor creatures alive. Helmets tour bus with czech plates in the yard was more auf transporter with darkened windows, I knocked, but nobody was in there, the guys probably we're boozing in a pub nearby. It was dann hot, probably 100F, so many folks drank as hell. Everywhere fine beers on tap. I had some more pilsen pints and checked the chicks. Loads of them dranking beer too, most of them we're probably milfs, some fine pieces of ass among them too. Sometimes I get morning wood in the late afternoon, but that's another story. The venue took place in a club. Actually it's a rock pub with an attached room. Some slovenian poster boy band started at 8 and tried to heat up the room, but nobody was in there, everybody kept drinking beer in the pub. From 9:15 onwards it was Helmet time. It took three songs to bring in the crowd from the pub. About 120 folks, probably 10 Girls. Page grabbed the red guitar and experienced around with some gear till his baby sounded like a chain saw. He made some jokes how to pronounce Bratislava, introduced the co-musicians. Wisconsin, Minnesouta and NY. Page now lives in Malibu hunting dolphins, Lemmy (rip) lived next to him. Green guy from Long Island looked kinda overweighted, lets say 30 pounds too much. Page went that this guy has two cats and likes KFC. I prefer Taco Bell. Page changed to his silver Gibson for Silver Hawaiian Song, an homage to his buddy Henry Bogdanovic. After 50 min Helmet escaped, but they came back for more with some budweisers, the czech kind. The crowd inclusive myself was a lazy bunch numbed by lotta beer, no pogos, just some banging heads. Meantime and Betty stuff hit most. Crowd was mainly in their 40 and 50ies except the chicks. Helmet kicked the folks out with the monster meantime song. One dude awoke and did some stagediving 5seconds before the end, but the czech chief roadie kicked him from stage. As usual Page spent time with the fans afterwards. He went that Wacken was shit and that he will go to Marseille for recording with another band after the tour. I assume that he will play Banjo for the Gypsy Kings. Anyway, thanx Helmet for coming to the old world again, take care.
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